Mercedes-Benz created the $29,900 CLA to bring a new generation of younger Mercedes owners into the brand. This generation cares about experiences, fun, and adventure, so we worked with YouTube filmmaker Casey Neistat to create a totally new kind of car commercial for this totally new Mercedes.

Casey created four videos for us over a five month span, the first three of which document the process and hijinx of creating the final video, the commercial itself. 

"Yes, this is definitely a car commercial, but it's not a stuffy luxury car plug by a mile. It's fun, it's frenetic, and it'll probably turn you on in that way that movies about renegade hackers and underdog football teams make you want to break stuff. This ad doesn't make you want to be richer—it makes you want to have fun."

-Mario Aguilar, Gizmodo



Casey also decided to create his own bootleg merchandise for the project and send it directly to fans.
The clients enjoyed this much less than we and his fans did.