When Spotify briefed us on the inner workings of Echo Nest, the back end system that categorizes all of the music on the platform into highly specific genres, just one question remained... If they know all of the music on the internet, and they know my listening history minute to minute, can't they use that to show me music that I'll love and am totally unfamiliar with? Thus, Discover Weekly was born. 

In under a year, 40 million people streamed 5 billion songs using the Discover Weekly feature, and Discover Weekly alone now has more than twice the users of Apple Music and Tidal combined. 


Cannes Lions - Entertainment, Innovation in Brand Experience - Shortlist
Cannes Lions - Creative Data, Models/Tools/Platforms - Shortlist
Cannes Lions - Mobile, Data/Insight - Shortlist
The One Show - Intellectual Property - Silver
The Webby Awards - People’s Voice: Mobile Sites & Apps (Best Streaming Audio)